Bohol Tour Packages

We have prepared several choices of Bohol Tour Packages to suit the number of days of stay of our guests here in the Province of Bohol. Send us a message using the contact numbers at the right or write us an email or request a quote using our contact form.

When sending us your inquiries, please include the following details:

  1. Number of persons in the group
  2. If there are children joining the group, please indicate their ages for proper charging
  3. Tour Date
  4. Number of Nights of Stay
  5. Preferred Itinerary or tour packages (Please see below for choices)

For the quotation that we will be providing for inquiries, we will be including the following:

  1. Several choices of hotels and resorts for your accommodations
  2. Total Rate of the package and rate per person
  3. Specified inclusions of the package
  4. Itinerary based on your schedule

For one day tour only, you can choose from the following:

  1. Bohol Countryside Tour
  2. Panglao Island Tour
  3. Dolphin Watching / Balicasag and Virgin Island Hopping
  4. Sagbayan Peak Tour
  5. Mag-aso Falls Tour
  6. E.A.T. Danao Adventure Tour

For longer stay, you can choose from the corresponding itineraries below:


– for visitors wanting to have an overnight stay in Bohol. Activities can be scheduled in one or both days.


– spend 2 nights in Bohol, balancing activities and relaxation. Activities can be scheduled based on ones preference. You may choose your itinerary below.


– with 4 days stay in Bohol, you can choose to maximize the tours you can do, visiting most if not all the well-known tourist spots in the province or simply choose to have more leisure time at the beach or resort.

If you plan to stay longer that 3 nights in Bohol, just send us your inquiries indicating the number of nights you plan to stay in the province and we will come up with a suggested itinerary which you can then evaluate to suit your needs and preference.

You can also use the comment form below to send us your inquiries. We will reply to your queries the soonest time possible.

For the tour package quotation that we will be providing, you may select from several options that we will be providing. Most of our partner resorts and hotels are located in Panglao, Bohol. If you have a preferred resort / hotel of stay, you may request a customized package if it’s not yet included among the choices provided.

Thank you and hope to see you in Bohol.


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    64 Responses so far.

    1. Shiela De Jesus says:

      hi can you provide me the estimated package for 4 days 3 nights, for 5pax. thanks

    2. John says:

      How much is 2 nights 3 days, 4 person.

    3. how much it would cost me in total of 4 person(3 adults and a 10 yr. old kid) 4D/3N ITINERARY 4:COUNTRYSIDE TOUR AND PANGLAO ISLAND TOUR COMBO? the tour would start on the 20th-23rd of july, 2013…….

      we will be coming from cebu…..ill be waiting for ur reply…thanks and god bless!

    4. Michael says:

      How much for 3 days 2 nights for family with 6 person all adults.

    5. Michael says:

      The Date will be on sept. 20-22,2013

    6. swanee says:

      how much it would cost me in total of 3 person(2 adults and a 5 yr. old kid) 4D/3N ITINERARY 1 day : rest and night tour on the roboc river with firefly
      2 day : Dolphine and hopping, Snorkeling and fish feeding
      3 day : free time in the resort and go back to cebu

      we will be coming from cebu…..ill be waiting for ur reply

    7. Ivy cantos says:

      Hi pls send quotation for 3 days/2nights itinerary 6. There will be four of us, 2 kids aged 10 and 8 and 2 adults aged 35. Our tentative travel date is on april 19-21, 2014. Thanks!

    8. Mr. oh sang chul says:


      I booked it Panglaso Blue Water Beach Resort hotel (2014/FEB/5~8)

      i and my wife – 2person

      i want to check it tour.

      1. FEB/5 – Bohol Countryside Tour ( i also want to join for other person)

      Trip course (i’m ok for the trip order change,for to save time)

      Loboc River Cruise

      Chocolate Hills

      Tarsier Watching

      Dana Eco-Adventure Tour


      2. FEB/5-

      Dolphoing watching/Balicasag and virgin Island hopping swimming and snorkeling and fish feeding

      pls let me know it cost and how does it take



    9. Jennievev says:

      hi, how much is the package for 2 persons all adult… 3days/2nights for this coming april – holy week… thnx

    10. Mildred says:

      Please give us your best price for 3days/2nights for 8 persons-all adults. We are from Cebu city. Schedule on April 21 to 23, 2014.

      Waiting for your immediate reply.

    11. dodong says:

      hi, can you please send me a quotation for 3d/2n itinerary 6, tentative 21-23 april 2014 for 4 adults & 1 child (6 yrs old).

    12. junemarie says:

      Hi i would like to inquire of how much is the estimated price for 2 days and one night for 6 persons ?

    13. girlie domagtoy says:

      please send me package for 8

    14. Arianne Mae Serrano says:

      Hi i would like to inquire at 3d/2n Itinerary 6 3 adults and 1 child. May 2014

    15. Rhea says:

      Hi, I would like to inquire for 3d/2n tour package.

    16. Judith delica says:

      i would like to inquire, for 7person / panglao island tour in 2 days & 1 night.

      waiting for your reply.

    17. rose says:

      i would like to inquire how the 3days and 2 nights package tour, were only 2.

    18. Cristina says:

      Hi, Ask ko lng magkano package tour 3days & 2 nights? 2 adults. Thank you

    19. Madelyn Liquit says:

      Hi please send quotation for 3 days/2 nights itinerary 1 and 5. There will be 6 of us. Our tentative travel date is on Sept. 19-21, 2014. Thanks!

    20. maricar pascual says:

      hi pwede po kaya pa provide ng itenirary for bohol tour and accommodation 5 days and 4nights

      flight details
      dec 6 arrival at bohol is 2:45 pm

      dec 10 departure is 3:10 pm

      thank you..

    21. Mary Jane says:

      Hi, How much 4D/3N itenerary 8 for 4 person & 1 child? & how much cost if i bring 6 persons or 8 persons or 10 person no need stay hotel just follow tour only…this coming Sept 27 or 28..please give me discount…thank you…

    22. Stevie says:

      Can you sent quote for 2-day tour for 4 adults and 2 kids (10 & 12)?

      Day 1, Oct 31, 2014 – countryside tour
      Day 2, Nov 1, 2014 – Whale-watching or Panglao island tour

      We will be staying at Bellevue Resort

      Thank you.

    23. maria says:

      how much is 3 days 2 night itinerary 6?

    24. Laurence says:

      requesting for itinerary and quotations for 4d/3n for 2pax

    25. Marra says:

      how much 3D/2N for 2pax? for itinerary 4? how about itinerary 5?

    26. i would like to know how much will it cost for a family 9 adults and 3 children ages 6,4,2
      for 2 days and one night excluding boat fare from Cebu starting point is Tagbilaran..thanks and hoping for your early response ..God bless.
      one stay preferably in panglao.

    27. femmie says:

      3d/2n package po for 3 person.please reply to my email.thans

    28. Good pm, how much po ung 3D/2N ITINERARY 3:

    29. jessie hernandez says:

      hi can you provide me the estimated package for 3days 1 overnight, for 5pax. thanks

    30. Hilda says:

      hello enquire lang ko for rate of 3d2n bohol tour with accomodation in panglao for countryside ,whale watching and island hopping/balicasag island and pick up transfer for 4 adults and 1 child pls,, thanks and will wait for ur reply,Hilda M.

    31. Ramil pacturan says:

      how much 2 days and 1night we have 3kids age of 12,8 and 1.7months..pls.reply adapt. Thank you

    32. Vivian Mistica says:

      Hi please send me an estimated cost of 4d/3n all in package for 6 persons.thank you

    33. cherrelyn e. marquez says:

      How much is 35 fax 3 days and 2 nights

      • cherrelyn e. marquez says:

        Pls. Give me the quotation 35 fax no children 2 days and 1 night or 3 days and 2 nights
        tentative date is april 10 to 11
        or april 9 to 11

    34. cherrelyn e. marquez says:

      Yung pong sa whites and greens beach resort na 3 family rooms and 4 bungalows for 35 fax, ilang tao po ang laman ng family rooms at ilan din po sa bungalows. Den wala po bang time mag swimming. Pls. Reply po. Tnx.

    35. chalie angustia says:

      Hi! Inquire ko po kng mgkano ung 3d/2n pckage countryside tour and dolphin watching… island hoping.. we’re planning to visit either dis april 20 or december. Tnx

    36. Vienne marie andaya says:

      Hello… Ask lang po if magkno ang chocolate hills tour ang loboc river tour,3days 2 nights po. 4 adult and 2 children’s ,ages 7 and 10 years old po.thank u so much!

    37. Helen D. Rueco says:

      kindly email me 4D-3N tour package this August 2015 good for 4 pax..

    38. Shang Ebuel says:

      hi good day.

      please send me quotation for solo backpacker 3d/2n.
      that includes panglao island. july 29 to 31,2015

      thank u

    39. ANGIE ABELLA says:

      Hi, we’d like to ask for the quotation for itinerary 3 countryside tour and balicasag and virgin island hopping, 3d/2n stay. We are planning to have our tour this coming April 18 to 20, 2015. there are 4 of us adults on this trip, thus, how much would be the expense per person? thank you

    40. Ronelyn P. tabanao says:

      Hi I would like to ask you tour packages for all the countryside… We already booked our hotel..we only want for tour packages for 3 adult and 2 kids age 6&7!!!

      Thank you

    41. chona auditor says:

      How much 2days in bohol…4 adults in 3 children

    42. Jaenel Paglinawan says:

      Hi.pls send me a quotation for 2days/1night.
      2 adults and 1 child 9 yr old.
      This coming dec.26-27 2015
      Thank u.

    43. Mahe says:

      Please send a quotation for 3 days 2 night combo package. Preferable beachfront budget hotel at Panglao for 2 pax (honeymooners). Thank you

    44. Dennis M. Ojeda says:

      please send me computation on

      > 3days/2nights/
      > itinerary #1
      > 1 child (10 years old)
      1 senior citizen
      5 adults
      > date: april 11-13 2016 Monday-Wednesday

      thank you very much!

    45. belle says:

      please send quote for 2 pax For 4days 3 nights date of arrival jan 20 to 23 2016.

      thank you

    46. Pearl Amit says:

      Please email me the package inclusions for 3days 2nights with your proposal iterinary.
      No.of pax-12pax
      Date of tour- may 6-8,2016
      Please reply. Thanks😊

    47. Tosh Reyes says:

      Can you give us a quote for 1night 1whole day tour for bohol on feb 8-9, 4 adults+1infant.. i chose d package 1night 2days countryside tour.. how much is that..

    48. Maine says:

      Hi,can you send me the estimated amt. To be paid for 3D/2N package for 4 persons?thanks

    49. johanna vidad says:

      hi! i have used your services before and i have enjoyed my tour. now my cousins and their kids want to go on a day tour of the country side. so thats 2 adults and 2 children. how much is your rate? and can they be picked up at panglao? thanks!

    50. Johanna Germentil says:

      Can I ask if how much is your package tour good for 2persons 3days and 2nights?

    51. i would like to inquire how the 3days and 2 nights package tour, were only 2. Thank you

    52. glorede campo says:

      i would like to ask about package for 6persons to chocolate hills

    53. Betsy says:

      Please send me cheaper quotation.
      Bohol travel and tour package
      4 adults
      Depart. March 23 night
      Return march 28 night
      Stay 3 days 2 night
      Tour country side
      Optionall pangtao tour

    54. lynn says:

      How much po 2days and one night?

    55. lynn says:

      How much 2 days 2 night 3 adults lng.

    56. lynn says:

      How much 2days and 1 night itinerary 5 (for 3 adults) pls reply

    57. purita boado says:

      I want to Inquire how much for 2days with hotel accomodation and tour in Bohol.?for 2adult
      and child age 9 years old.

    58. maybelle says:

      Hello i was wondering how much would it cost us if we are 25 and we are going to avail of the 2 days 1 night all adults on May 26-28? Thanks in advance

    59. Trizia Joy Merquiado says:

      Hi. Could you please send me a cheaper quotation for 4d3n with hotel accomodation including the countryside and panglao tour in Bohol for 6 persons? Thank you in advance

    60. Helen s madriaga says:

      Pls provide us the rates of your 2days 1 night promo package bohol tour with room accomodation panglao resort for 3 pax …thanks pls email me

    61. raj says:

      how much per head for 4 adults on 4days and nights??thanks
      can unsend me free sample of itineray?thanks

    62. LYDIA G.LADISLA says:

      Good day! can you provide us price qoutation for 7-10 persons all adult,were teachers from Sorsogon City and will be touring Cebu and Bohol on the 3rd week of April, so were coming from Cebu. I find your itineraries interesting, for 2D1N and 3D2N. I will be informing my co teachers about your quotations. Thank you, waiting for your reply.

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