The Buzzz Cafe

The Buzzz Cafe

The Buzzz Cafe is the restaurant outlet of Bohol Bee Farm, offering delicious and nutritious organic food. It has 2 branches in Tagbilaran City, one in Island City Mall while the other is at Galleria Luisa in Gallares St., Tagbilaran City.

The Buzzz Cafe

The Buzzz Cafe

Galleria Luisa Branch

The restaurant is located at the lower ground floor of Galleria Luisa. You can see several products made from organic produce of local farmers in Bohol displayed near the entrance of the restaurant. Products displayed include:

  • Pure Honey
  • Coconut Honey
  • Honeyed Bahalina
  • Honeyed Truffles
  • Organic Mango Tea
  • Guava Tea
  • Mango Spread
  • Organic Sun Dried Native Chili
  • Native Suka with Chili
  • Honeyed Organic Tableya
  • etc.

Aside from the above-mentioned products, beauty products like lip balm, massage oil, soup etc. are also available.

The Buzzz Cafe Product Display

The Buzzz Cafe Product Display

The restaurant overlooks the nearby island of Panglao. It’s green theme gives a very good vibe and ambiance. It also has a small conference room that can be used for meetings.

Island City Mall Branch

The ICM branch is located at the upper ground floor of Island City Mall. It’s located near the department and hardware section.

Dining Experience and What to Try

First that you might want to try at the Buzzz is their Organic Garden Salad – a combination of fresh picked assorted romaine lettuce, turnips, mustard greens and indigenous flowers served with honeyed mustard salad dressing.

For drinks, Fresh Lemongrass Juice is a must try. Organic Malunggay and Ginger tea is also available. For coffee lovers, you might as well try the Kape Mais (Corn Coffee).

When dining, you will usually be served with cabcab with pesto spread and green tomato which comes with squash bread with mango spreadĀ as appetizer before your order comes. Cabcab is made out of cassava paste, dried and made into taco like crackers.

The restaurant is also known for their home-made icecream. It’s available in several flavors: ube, buko, mango, malunggay, pandan, tsokolate and spicy ginger. Seasonal flavors are also available, namely, avocado, durian, langka, guyabano, kulo, tomato and dalandan.

Bohol Bee Farm Buffet Menu

Salad: Organic Garden Salad
Appetizer: Cabcab with Pesto and Green Tomato
Soup: Seafood Soup
Main Dish:

  • Grilled Fish
  • Honeyglazed Chicken
  • Spare Ribs

Pasta: Seafood Lasagna
Organic Red Rice with Camote
Squash Bread with Homemade Spreads
Drink: Fresh Lemongrass Juice
Dessert: One Round of Homemade Ice Cream

Food Serving

Food Serving

The Buzzz Cafe

UG/F Island City Mall Dampas District
Tagbilaran City, Bohol
Tel.: 038 501 7819

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