Bet ‘n Choy Farms

Bet ‘n Choy Farms

Bet ‘n Choy Farms is an attraction / resort offering a wholesome destination and perfect place for family getaway and picnic. The farm is located in Catigbian, Bohol, about 900 meters from the Catigbian PNP Station and is about an hour trip from Tagbilaran City.


  1. Swimming Pool
  2. Outdoor Playground
  3. Farms
  4. Picnic Huts
Bet 'n Choy Farms Swimming Pool

Bet ‘n Choy Farms Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

The resort has a very nice swimming pool, with water slides for children and adults, SPA and shower rooms.

The pool has 2 levels: the upper one is for kids and shallow while the lower level is deeper, about 5 feet deep. There are 2 water slides for adults and one for the children, located on opposite sides. Children’s water slide ends at the upper pool, while the 2 adult slides at the lower level pool.

Shower rooms are located below the water slides. Another shower / changing rooms, together with the comfort rooms, are located above the reception area of the resort.

Bet 'n Choy Outdoor Playground

Bet ‘n Choy Outdoor Playground

Outdoor Playground

Bet ‘n Choy Farms has a very nice outdoor playground, located just behind the reception area for events.

The outdoor playground has ladders, tunnels, snake slides, comfortable swing, see-saw and animal rockers which come in very attractive colors the kids would surely love. The playground comes with a rubberized flooring which adds safety and comfort to the playing kids.

To maintain the cleanliness of the outdoor playground, guests are advised to leave their shoes and slippers at the entrance of the playground.


From the name itself, the resort features several farms where you can enjoy different activities. The fish ‘n pay area is a really nice place to enjoy the fun of catching a fish by using hook and line with bamboo stick. Baits will be provided, usually earthworm or kohol. Patience and tolerance are necessary elements needed to be exercised while fishing. After fishing, you may bring your ‘catch’ to a designated area for weighing, after which you may cook / grill the fish near the fishing area.

Other activities you may enjoy include pick and pay for vegetables, fish feeding, birds watching, wild life observation, trekking, dry picnic and camping.

Picnic Huts

Picnic huts are located near the swimming pool and fish ‘n pay area. Huts near the swimming pool are nicer and offers a better view than the ones at the fish ‘n pay area. There are umbrella type huts also located in front of the swimming pool.

Entrance Fee

  • Adults – Php 20.00
  • Senior Citizen (with ID) – Php 10.00
  • Students (with ID) – Php 10.00
  • Children below 85 cm. – FREE
  • Persons with physical disability (with ID) – FREE

Aside from the entrance fees, the resort is using colored bracelets to indicate the activities you may avail. If you only want to enjoy the pool, you can pay the blue bracelet; if the playground only, then take the pink bracelet; if you want to enjoy both, then pay the white bracelet.

  • Swimming Pool (Blue Bracelet) – Php 120.00
  • Playground (Pink Bracelet) – Php 80.00
  • Children below 85 cm. – FREE
  • 2:1 Package (White Bracelet) – for Swimming Pool and outdoor playground
    1. Per person – Php 150.00
    2. Group of 10 – 20 – Php 135.00 each
    3. Group of 21 – 50 – Php 120.00 each
    4. Group of 51 and above – Php 100.00 each

Exclusive Package

You may rent the resort for exclusive use also. Rate is Php 20,000.00. It comes with:

  • Free General Entrance, pool and playground
  • free pool huts
  • time: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • maximum of 100 guests
  • over 100 guests, additional of Php 50.00 / pax

Bet ‘n Choy Farms

Poblacion, Catigbian,
Bohol, Philippines 6343.

Mobile: +63 915 813 9823 / +63 919 615 8081

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  1. Carolina Pagutlon-an says:

    I want to ask how much rate of the cottage

  2. stephanie says:

    can you tell me who are the workers in bet’n choy , pls it is so important to because i have something to tell and ask only workers in bet’n choy can help my problem , can you send a message for me the names or the workers full names in catigbian bet’n choy

  3. stephanie says:

    plsssssss !!!! i need there help

  4. jessabelcabaron says:

    Super ganda talaga ng beach and choy

  5. luz says:

    aside from entrance fee, how much is the cottage…? no corkage if we bring food?

  6. Joy malicay says:

    How much is the cottage?

  7. rose says:

    I think this blog is not monitored since the author doesn’t answer any questions even the sensible ones.

  8. Murielle says:

    Is there a room for overnight stay?

  9. Cindy says:

    Hi how much if I available a hall or cottage to hold a birthday party ? Max 50 persons . Pls reply .

  10. hi good day mag pa book bamo ug wedding reservation then how much per head

  11. Janine Lagang says:

    How much is the cottage?

  12. alma says:

    tanong ko po eto po bang 2;1 package (white bracelet)-for swimming and playground is worth 150 per head.then wat do u mean po ng group of 10-20 is 130 each po?then how much po for reservation?and ho many days po ang reservation before ang actual date.tnx

  13. miraflor duyogan says:

    Can I ask who is the manager of the bet n choy?.. pls.. pm me.. asap..

  14. Arnulfo Yu Laniba says:

    I think this is not their official website. This is just promoting Bet N Choy but is not able to update or monitor their info.

    So my advice is you search their official website. I was there a while ago and they have a facility to ask question and they promise to answer in 24 hours.

    God bless.

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    replique bulgari serpenti Anneau argent

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